Who Made God?

who made god

Here are my notes to the question, “Who made God?”

1.  The problem of Infinite Regression:  (who made God, who made him, etc… you can keep going back and back forever.  It has to stop somewhere). 

  1. Let’s assume someone made God.  What does that prove?  It proves we are not responsible to God’s maker but we are responsible to our maker.
  2. You might say to God:  “I didn’t believe in you because I could regress beyond you to someone who made you.  God will say, “Don’t worry about who made me, but who made you and that was “ME”.  What did you do with what I said?” 
  3. We answer to the God that made us.  He will demand of us why we did not obey him.
  4. God will say, “So what if another made me, I made you!”

2.  There are 4 Options.

  1. Universe is an illusion.
  2. Universe sprang from nothing.
  3. Universe eternally existed.
  4. God created universe.
  1. God is infinite/eternal being; He is the un-caused first cause.  
  2. Infinite regression of finite causes does not answer the question.
  3. Conclusion:  Universe made by an unmade cause greater than itself.

a. We don’t say everything that has a beginning needs a cause.  Only finite, contingent things need a cause.  God did not have a beginning; He is infinite and HE is necessary.  God is the un-caused cause of all finite things.  If God needed a cause, we would begin an infinite regress of causes that would never answer the question.  We can’t ask, “Who made God?” because God is the first cause.  You can’t go back any farther than a first.

b. Scientist did not have a problem stating that the universe was eternal until the 20th century when the scientific evidence proved the universe had a beginning.

3.  3 Types of Beings:

a.       Self-caused – (We can’t bring ourselves into existence)

b.      Caused by another – (If we are caused by another, what kind of being is He?  Again, self-caused is impossible; if He were caused by another that leads to an infinite regress; so HE must be un-caused). 

c.       Un-caused – (Would mean we are necessary, eternal, infinite beings, which are not).

4.  The question is a category mistake.  It’s like asking what does blue taste like? How much does a musical note weigh?

a. God by definition is the un-caused first cause

b. 2 choices; something is eternal or something came form nothing. 

c. If not un-caused first cause then must conclude that something came from nothing.

d. Every effect must have a cause (greater than itself).

e. Does it make sense that something came from nothing? Make sense to say that something is eternal.  Only 2 logical choices we have.  If you disagree, name a 3rd option.

f. If see an effect like the universe, need to see the fact that it has a cause.

g. First Law of Thermodynamics – nothing comes from nothing.

h. It’s difficult to comprehend; but it is not illogical or impossible to comprehend.

i. The logical conclusion is that every cause must have an effect; and God is the cause for the beginning of the universe. 

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