Religion is NOT Like “Ice Cream”

ice cream

Ice cream and medicine are different. When you pick an ice cream flavor, you pick what you LIKE. However, when you need medicine, you will pick what will help you get better (that which will HEAL you!).

I would recommend that you do not chose a religion is the same way you decide on an “ice cream” flavor.  Your favorite ice cream is true for YOU but when choosing medicine & a religion, you need to chose what is TRUE.    Many people live by a religious worldview based on their upbringing, according to what they like / prefer and they pick and chose their own beliefs like choosing food off a menu.  However, in the end, truth matters.

Jesus said nobody is good only God.  If you have ever broken any of the 10 commandments, then you are a law-breaker, guilty as charged.  You are in God’s courtroom and a fine must be paid for the crimes you committed against God.   You can pay for your own crimes or be BAILED OUT!   If you choose to be bailed out / pardoned, click on the link below to learn more.

You and I have a disease and it’s called sin.  How are you going to cure it?


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