Jesus & Feminism

Notes on Feminism & Christianity / Jesus: 

1.  The liberating attitude of Jesus Christ himself towards women became corrupted and confused when the church adopted attitudes that had to do with the attitudes of the male-dominated secular world.

2. In the customs of Judaism, it was the women’s role and duty to marry and procreate.  However, Jesus allowed men and women the right NOT to marry and remain single if they chose (Matthew 19:11). As a result, women who chose to follow Jesus were able to assume roles other than those of a wife or mother.

3.  Jesus treats women as human subjects, rather than as objects of possessions.  Throughout his ministry, Jesus can be seen as engaging with and affirming women – often women who were treated as outcast by Jewish society because of their origin (i.e. Samaria) or their lifestyle (prostitutes).

4.  Jesus refused to make women scapegoats in sexual matters (for example adultery).  In Jewish culture, one could not converse with a women if she was involved in adultery even though nothing was said about the men guilty of this act.  Jesus spoke with these women (John 4:17 & John 8:11).

5.  The traditional view that women were “unclean” during the period of menstruation was dismissed by Jesus, who made it clear that it was only moral impurity that defiles a person (Mark 7:1-23). Women could not be excluded from acts of worship for this reason.

6.  Women were an integral part of the group of people who gathered around Jesus and affirmed by him to the dismay of other religious traditionalist.

7.  Women were the first to see the resurrected Christ even though Judaism rejected the testimony of women in court.

8.  The Bible records that a man betrayed Jesus (Judas) and that men killed Jesus.

9.  The gospels often portray women as more spiritual than that of men.  For example Mark portrays the male followers as having little faith (Mark 5:25-34), a foreign women is commended for responding to Jesus (Mark 7:24-30), and a widow is singled out as an example to follow (Mark 12:41-44).

10.  Christian baptism was for all, man and female.

11.  The institution of the church has been guilty of oppressing women, not Jesus!  Jesus has liberated WOMEN!!

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