Does Hell Exists? Notes on Hell


Here are my notes on the subject of Hell.  The main point is that Hell does exist and below are various points:

1. Jesus is God, and He said hell exists. Jesus spent more time talking about hell than he did talking about heaven.

2. God’s love demands a hell.
a. A God of love cannot force people to love Him.
b. Those who do not chose to love God must be allowed not to love   him.Those who do not wish to be with Him must be allowed to be separated  from Him. Hell allows separation from God.

3. Unless there is a hell, there is no final victory over hell.
a. What did Christ’s death save us from if there is no hell?
b. Why did Jesus die and suffer unless there is a hell to save us from?
c. Christ’s death is rendered meaningless unless there is an eternal separation from God from which people need to be delivered from.

4. Choice
a. The concept of choice demands that we believe in hell. Without hell there is no choice. Imagine spending a lifetime voluntarily distanced from God only to find yourself involuntarily dragged into his presence for all eternity.

b. Without choice, love would be meaningless. God will not force his love on people, nor does he force people to love Him. Instead, God, grants us the freedom of choice. This freedom provides basis for the existence of hell.

c. Without eternal separation, the nature of heaven is polluted. Evil is contagious and must be quarantined. Like a deadly plague, if it is not contained it will continue to contaminate and corrupt. The only way to preserve an eternal place of good is to eternally separate all evil from it. The only way to have an eternal heaven is to have an eternal hell.

5. God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked.

6. “God is a God of love”- but God is also a God of justice, righteousness, and holiness (you should be happy the government is not a loving government, or nobody would go to prison.

7. When the founding fathers founded the U.S. they didn’t start by creating jails. They were forced to create jails because people would not cooperate. The same is true for God and hell.

8. Our government gives the most severe penalty for certain crime(s) ( i.e. death penalty and life in prison). Why can’t God?

9. In the U.S. the most serve crime-murder, is being separated from society for life, the same with God.

10. Torment- torment is living with the consequences of our own bad choices. It is the weeping that results from the realization that we blew it and deserve the consequences. Just as a football player may pound on the ground in agony after missing a play that loses the Super Bowl. So, those in hell know that the pain they suffer is self-induced.

11. All people who go to hell do so because of their free choice. People do not go to hell because Gods sends them, they choose it and God respect their freedom. (ie. teachers don’t give grades, you earn it).

12. No one will go to hell simply because all they needed was more time and they died prematurely. No follow you.”

13. Hell is filled with people who, for all eternity, still want to be the center of the universe and who persist in their God defying rebellion.

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