Jesus & Feminism

Notes on Feminism & Christianity / Jesus:  1.  The liberating attitude of Jesus Christ himself towards women became corrupted and confused when the church adopted attitudes that had to do with the attitudes of the male-dominated secular world. 2. In the customs of Judaism, it was the women’s role and duty to marry and procreate. […]

Is Jesus “Michael” the Archangel ?

Jehovah’s Witnesses claim that Jesus is Michael the Archangel but this does not come from the Bible.  If you speak with a Jehovah’s Witness, ask them to show you in the Bible the verses they use to prove their case.  The verses they cite will not state that Jesus is Michael.  They are reading INTO […]

Information About Jesus “Outside” the New Testament?

Yes, there are outside sources for the person of Jesus (other than the New Testament): There are 17 early non-Chrisitan sources within 100-150 years of his life, which is excellent for ancient history. 12 deal with the death of Jesus and 50 % refer to his deity. We know more that 60 facts of jesus […]

Eyewitness Testimony about Jesus the Christ

Eyewitness testimony is a powerful piece of evidence and The Gospels (in the New Testament) contain this type of evidence about the life of Jesus. Imagine you are a juror in a courtroom, hearing the testimony of eyewitness reports regarding the person, actions, claims and life of Jesus.  What kind of person will emerge from […]

Jesus Is Not Politically Correct! He is Intolerant & Judgemental!

Jesus is not politically correct! He is intolerant and judgmental and as a result of his words & actions, he was hated and killed!  Jesus treated different people differently.  His words & deeds were intolerant to those whom were self-righteous, proud and hypocrites.  Check out some words from Jesus in the New Testament and I […]

Is Jesus is GOD?

The Bible teaches that Jesus is God.  This can be read in John 1, Hebrews 1 and Revelations 1 just to name a few verses. Jesus said that you will die in your sins if you don’t believe whom he claimed to be! (John 8:24). This is because if you have the wrong “Jesus,” your […]