Can There Be Meaning in Life Without God? Dr. William Lane Craig

Can there be meaning in life without the existence of God?  Listen as William Lane Craig discusses:

Slavery & The Bible – Notes

Slavery & The Bible – Notes Most of the time when the topic of slavery in the Bible is discussed, it is being used as an accusation against how God allowed slavery in the Bible.  However, in biblical times, slavery was much different than the pre-civil war slavery. Here are some points to ponder (from […]

Jesus & Feminism

Notes on Feminism & Christianity / Jesus:  1.  The liberating attitude of Jesus Christ himself towards women became corrupted and confused when the church adopted attitudes that had to do with the attitudes of the male-dominated secular world. 2. In the customs of Judaism, it was the women’s role and duty to marry and procreate. […]

Religion is NOT Like “Ice Cream”

Ice cream and medicine are different. When you pick an ice cream flavor, you pick what you LIKE. However, when you need medicine, you will pick what will help you get better (that which will HEAL you!). I would recommend that you do not chose a religion is the same way you decide on an […]

Jesus Is Not Politically Correct! He is Intolerant & Judgemental!

Jesus is not politically correct! He is intolerant and judgmental and as a result of his words & actions, he was hated and killed!  Jesus treated different people differently.  His words & deeds were intolerant to those whom were self-righteous, proud and hypocrites.  Check out some words from Jesus in the New Testament and I […]

Does Hell Exists? Notes on Hell

Here are my notes on the subject of Hell.  The main point is that Hell does exist and below are various points: 1. Jesus is God, and He said hell exists. Jesus spent more time talking about hell than he did talking about heaven. 2. God’s love demands a hell. a. A God of love […]

Christianity is Different. It’s Reasonable and It Can Be Investigated!

Here are 3 videos that describe how Christianity and the claims of Jesus are different from other faiths / religions.