Slavery & The Bible – Notes

Slavery & The Bible – Notes Most of the time when the topic of slavery in the Bible is discussed, it is being used as an accusation against how God allowed slavery in the Bible.  However, in biblical times, slavery was much different than the pre-civil war slavery. Here are some points to ponder (from […]

Big Bang, No Problem!!

The idea of science and the Big Bang Theory fits in a Christian worldview. How? Because a Big Bang NEEDS a Big Banger!! If you were sleeping and heard a loud bang, what would you think? Would you say, “oh, that was nothing” or “something created / caused that bang and I should find out […]

Who Made God?

Here are my notes to the question, “Who made God?” 1.  The problem of Infinite Regression:  (who made God, who made him, etc… you can keep going back and back forever.  It has to stop somewhere).  Let’s assume someone made God.  What does that prove?  It proves we are not responsible to God’s maker but […]

Video: “Eyewitnesses Should Never Agree!!”

Listen to former L.A. Police Detective and now Christian author, as he speaks about: Apparent contradictions  in eyewitness events Unintentional eyewitness support Figuring out various perspectives Explaining the differences

Video: Were the Writers of the New Testament Lying?

Former Los Angeles Detective discusses if the authors of the Gospels / New Testament were lying / biased?   In this short video, J. Wallace Warner discusses: 3 motives behind ANY crime / sin What motivates bad behavior? Apostles motivated to lie? Other traditions that contradict the apostles’ story?

Does Hell Exists? Notes on Hell

Here are my notes on the subject of Hell.  The main point is that Hell does exist and below are various points: 1. Jesus is God, and He said hell exists. Jesus spent more time talking about hell than he did talking about heaven. 2. God’s love demands a hell. a. A God of love […]

Can the “Delusion / Hallucinations Theory” Explain the Resurrection of Jesus?

Hear Dr. Gary Habermans (expert on the resurrection of Jesus) object to the Delusion / Hallucination Theory that tries to deny the resurrection of Jesus.  Dr Habermas explains: How the theory does not account for the EMPTY body in the tomb of Jesus. Eyewitness accounts of numerous appearances. Hallucinations can’t account for GROUPS of people. […]