Eyewitness Testimony about Jesus the Christ

Eyewitness testimony is a powerful piece of evidence and The Gospels (in the New Testament) contain this type of evidence about the life of Jesus. Imagine you are a juror in a courtroom, hearing the testimony of eyewitness reports regarding the person, actions, claims and life of Jesus.  What kind of person will emerge from […]

Jesus Is Not Politically Correct! He is Intolerant & Judgemental!

Jesus is not politically correct! He is intolerant and judgmental and as a result of his words & actions, he was hated and killed!  Jesus treated different people differently.  His words & deeds were intolerant to those whom were self-righteous, proud and hypocrites.  Check out some words from Jesus in the New Testament and I […]

Does Hell Exists? Notes on Hell

Here are my notes on the subject of Hell.  The main point is that Hell does exist and below are various points: 1. Jesus is God, and He said hell exists. Jesus spent more time talking about hell than he did talking about heaven. 2. God’s love demands a hell. a. A God of love […]

Can the “Delusion / Hallucinations Theory” Explain the Resurrection of Jesus?

Hear Dr. Gary Habermans (expert on the resurrection of Jesus) object to the Delusion / Hallucination Theory that tries to deny the resurrection of Jesus.  Dr Habermas explains: How the theory does not account for the EMPTY body in the tomb of Jesus. Eyewitness accounts of numerous appearances. Hallucinations can’t account for GROUPS of people. […]

Evolution is a FACT! Right?

Check out this video that describes 2 MAJOR scientific evidences against Darwinian Evolution:

Christianity is Different. It’s Reasonable and It Can Be Investigated!

Here are 3 videos that describe how Christianity and the claims of Jesus are different from other faiths / religions.

Is Jesus is GOD?

The Bible teaches that Jesus is God.  This can be read in John 1, Hebrews 1 and Revelations 1 just to name a few verses. Jesus said that you will die in your sins if you don’t believe whom he claimed to be! (John 8:24). This is because if you have the wrong “Jesus,” your […]